Are Disney Playing Games With New Playmation?

Disney appear to have registered the trademark “Playmation” according to

I admit to being unsure how to check their claims, but the same contactless RFID technology that Disney’s new Magicbands rely upon looks set to head its way into a number of toys and games according to their blog post.

Totalorlando confess that it is too early to tell just yet what the final brand will cover, but Disney appear to have covered everything but the kitchen sink in their application to register the trademark.
One theory that the author puts forward suggests that the Playmation products may become an extended version of the Vinylmation plastic Mickey figures.

If that is the case, RFID interactions in the resorts, theme parks and homes could become an amazing development as Disney work even harder to upsell their brand and engage customers in more elaborate and immersive ways.

The prospect of Vinylmation (Playmation) figures interacting with each other sounds awesome, and even better if kids take their favorite character inside WDW to literally be part of their vacation!

This could be VERY exciting!

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