SeaWorld Invest in A ‘Treadmill’ for their Killer Whales

Heavily under fire from the press, SeaWorld appear to be doing as much as possible to offer their performing killer whales a better environment.

Since the ‘Blackfish’ Movie, even die hard fans of SeaWorld like my family, are finding it tough to accept that its not time for change at this gorgeous marine life park in Orlando.
Sure, we are guilty  of sitting high up in the dry zone on those Shamu Stadium bleachers, and at times had a tear in my eyes during the ‘Believe’ version of the show, but never for one minute did I think about the conditions endured by the animals.

I’m a fairly intelligent person aren’t I?  (I’m asking myself that by the way haha!)
How on earth did I not accept that the animals had to endure some intense training in order to perform those tricks that ranged from high speed leaps, down to a simple, shake of the head?
In this day and age, there’s no place for that kind of animal performance, and that seems likely to change the course of SeaWorld’s parks forever.

Would I still like to see the Orcas at SeaWorld?  Of course.
A thoughtfully designed environment, great viewing areas and a change of policy as to how inmates qualify to be part of the SeaWorld team and I think that there is a recipe for success!

Hopefully the recent news that SeaWorld are developing a ‘Treadmill’ for the Killer Whale zone is a sign of the future.  Leaving a load of guests to peer into a still tank, might not inspire SeaWorld enough to change their format, but, if this high volume wash of water can stimulate the killer whales, we might just have the small beginnings of a truly magnificent viewing area that can show these beautiful creatures their full glory, albeit in captivity.

If it does work, the wary public will be happier accepting that they are going to see the beautiful creatures ‘having fun’ rather than forcibly engaged in head nods and other unnatural activities that we have sadly become so accustomed to enjoy.

Please don’t get me wrong, please don’t boycott this beautiful park, I’m no animal rights activist, just a normal family guy with a blog.
Please support SeaWorld, take your kids and enjoy and make the most of what is going on right now, before it all changes forever and for the better!



2 thoughts on “SeaWorld Invest in A ‘Treadmill’ for their Killer Whales

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