Disney Stamp Out Disability Access Cheating

I can’t begin to imagine how frustrated parents of disabled kids must feel when clearly ‘able’ guests take their place in the disability access lines at Walt Disney World.

Disney are kind.  Yes they take our dollars, up the prices and over charge for burgers, but, they are without doubt one of the kindest businesses to deal with in the USA.

Sadly, thanks to a bunch of idiotic people that offered ‘able’ guests access to their parks, including the entitlements to quick line access into attractions, Disney have been forced to fully review their disabled access policies.

Disney have announced that an upcoming change is due shortly, but the precise details remain unknown at this point.

Disney have announced that the ‘Guest Assistance Cards’ will be phased out from October 8th 2013.  A new ‘Disability Access Service Card’ will be introduced and will offer a different method to the existing ‘walk-on’ privilege that guests had enjoyed.

Soon guests will be given a return time based upon the line wait at their time of arrival.
Once they return at that time, they may walk up front and enjoy the attraction.

My Opinion

Firstly, I have no experience with Disability Access.  I’m not in a great place to offer accurate comments, however it is fair to say, that a system that worked very well for disabled guests was being severely abused by guests that were clearly able to wait in line, but chose to be selfish instead.

The new system appears to be as good as Disney can get it right away.  They had to do something.  Sadly, having to visit an attraction, leave the attraction, and return some time later, is no mean feat if you are pushing your friend’s or family member’s wheelchair.

I note that Disney will be watching and learning quickly once the new system is in place, so rest assured, guests will get a better chance to access the attractions fairly as an ‘improved system’ is fine tuned over the coming weeks.

Disney is a kind business to its guests, but abuse of their kindness always means that someone less fortunate suffers if they need to clamp down.

My thoughts?  Don’t abuse Disney by seeking advantage when you don’t deserve it!
My real thoughts?  I simply daren’t tell you what I feel about those that abuse the systems because they are too lazy to wait in line!


4 thoughts on “Disney Stamp Out Disability Access Cheating

  1. With all due respect, not all disabilities can be seen and there are some not visible disabilities which prevent people from standing in long lines. I understand there are some that have abused the system but that does not give people the right to label someone a system abuser just because their disability cannot be seen.

  2. Hi Kelly, I agree totally. Our son has Type 1 diabetes.
    In itself he deals with that effortlessly to all around him, and he always stands patiently in line whenever he can, but to be honest, he often needs to leave the line if his levels go unexpectedly out of control.
    In writing the article, I was offering support to all that need special access.
    Sadly, I know for a fact that a good percentage of guests are clearly abusing the system, including those that boast in the lines, as well as people we have met.

    I’m sad that Disney have had to reign the allowances in, but I can’t blame them can you?

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