Rumoured CityWalk Pizza Restaurant

We read on one of the best rumors sites that a new pizza restaurant is headed to CityWalk!

Called the “Red Oven” the pizza joint looks like a Universal Brand rather than a franchise or existing chain which is an interesting move for Universal.
It would imply that they are very confident that they can bring the skills and expertise to Pizza making and make more money than by leasing the space to someone else.

Good theme park pizzas are a huge rarity, in fact we’ve never even discovered one!

The offerings are usually thick chewy pre baked bread bases, loaded with rather unimaginative toppings.  A shame when you realise how cheap and easy it is to make a really great hand tossed pizza from fresh ingredients!

Let’s hope that the “Red Oven” turns out to be a great fresh pizza restaurant in CityWalk!

Could this be what’s heading to the Pastamore area that is being remodelled?


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