A New Water Park For Universal?

News from a number of sources, including Screamscape and Totalolrando offer a hefty hint that Universal are up to something a bit wet!

While the Screamscape article is brief, it appears to base the latest rumor on some form of inside information, where totalorlando delves a little deeper into what Universal might actually be up to with a huge pot of cash available for investment.

Everything the park group has touched lately seems to turn into gold, and Comcast could do worse than build a great water park and low cost resort as totalorlando suggests as an option.

Personally, I’m just not sure that the Orlando area needs another water park, but I guess if the existing Wet ‘n’ Wild does morph into a amenity for a new resort, that technically is one less water park on the map.

To get Wet ‘n’ Wild back up to speed and competing with the mainstream water parks of Aquatica, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, it would need a huge closure and major rebuild if Universal are to recoup their $31m.
Hard to justify unless there’s a really big ‘level up’ process for a humble water park.
Building the existing water park into a major new affordable guest resort, complete with family apartments is perhaps just what Universal are looking for in order to make a great return!

For now, don’t get too excited, it is clearly no more than a rumor, and as totalorlando mentions, designs arrive and leave drawing boards all day long in the theme park industry!

One thought on “A New Water Park For Universal?

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