Illuminated Ears to Brighten the Disney Shows!

When we first saw the ‘Glow With The Show’ Mickey Ears being announced for California’s Disneyland, my heart sank.
No, please, not another illuminated piece of junk that won’t last our kids 5 minutes once we leave the parks.

Happily, my concerns were proven to be wrong thanks to some amazing technology that Disney’s Imagineers (ImagineEars?)  have devised for Disney’s night time shows!

OK they are pricey, at $25 a head, but the technology inside those ears, couple up smartly with the theme park media and lighting systems to provide an amazing light show for everyone to enjoy!

For shows like Fantasmic and Wishes, the ears glow in sympathy with whatever goes on in the main stage thanks to special Infra Red ‘Disney Signals’ that target the audience depending where they are stood.  Blue Fireworks?  Blue ears.  A wave of Mickey’s Magic Wand?  A ripple of twinkling ears sweeps above the heads of guests wearing the hats.

This is indeed one of the best ever concepts that Disney have brought to the parks in terms of guest participation, we think this is a huge winner, for both Disney and the Guests alike for a change!


One thought on “Illuminated Ears to Brighten the Disney Shows!

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