Quick Disney World News Blast!

August and September can be deathly quiet months for theme park news as everyone is gearing towards long planned events such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (Starts Sept 10th 2013) and Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival (Starts September 27th).

In the middle of all of that we’ve just seen the first of the Unleash the Villains ‘limited time magic’ over at Hollywood Studios until Friday 13th September 2013 (Lots of spooky 13s in there!)  Guests can party with the ever popular Disney Villains from 4:30pm each evening right through until 1am!

Animal Kingdom also makes the news a little, thanks to a rumor that a ‘World of Color’ type of water/light show might be headed to the park sometime next year.
Popular at Disneyland, the ‘World of Color’ is fantastic for Animal Kingdom thanks to the lack of explosions from a regular firework show.   It is said to also act as an anchor to keep people in the park longer.  Hey Disney, just keep Expedition Everest running til 9pm each evening, that should do the trick without the expense haha!

Magicbands are showing up all over the parks too, as guests slap them onto their wrists spending merrily on their dad’s credit cards!  I so want to be a Disney kid again!
What you will notice too next visit is that those Fastpass lines are all switching over to Fastpass+ lines.  So expect those bands to be joining your wrist some time very soon!

Starbucks restaurants are busily dividing Disney fans, first at the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery, then this week with the newly opened Fountain View location in Epcot.
Fans either love Starbucks or hate the commercialisation of their Disney favorites.

It’s a tough one, but like all change, things will move on eventually and be forgotten about!

Finally, the first time ever that a Downtown Disney Bus will take you to and from a theme park!  Yes I was surprised too.   When we travel around WDW we always go by car, so never realised that you couldn’t get to a park from DTD.
For some odd reason though, the times are late in the afternoon, so we guess it is an attempt to get you to leave your car at the AK then bus into DTD and spend your cash on lovely food.  Sounds a great plan to me!

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