Discovery Cove Discount for Florida Residents

If you live in Florida, would you visit Discovery Cove for $60 less?

Hmm #1, I thought not too.

What about free access to SeaWorld and Aquatica until Jan 31st 2014?

Hmm #2, already got an annual pass thanks.

There’s no doubt about Discovery Cove being a great experience, but I kinda get the idea that when talking to most Florida residents, that they’ve either been or won’t probably ever go.
Even with this Fall’s $60 discount on board, it is still going to cost you upwards of $229 for a day in the admittedly gorgeous water park along with a 20 minute ‘Dolphin Swim’.

What is a little more disappointing is that earlier this week, the ‘flexible pricing structure’ at Discovery Cove was returning the cheapest price of $162 for a day and dolphin swim, but today the Discovery Cove site says it is $229 for the lowest price.   (Hmm #3)

Steeped in publicity of late, SeaWorld appear to be all at sea with their pricing and communications.  I hope that they emerge next year with a little more stability and direction!!