Magicbands Overspend Risk

I’ve not heard or read of any major fraud issues or concerns during the current Magicband trials at Walt Disney World, but it is always a matter of time before someone falls foul of unexpected card charges.

To be honest, I think it will be rare.
I also think that Disney will set up a very robust method of assessing guest claims and making sure that they don’t fall prey to villains.

Disney have invested over a billion dollars in their contactless guest system and I doubt that they will let guests out of their parks unhappy about their experience with Magicbands.

Security is an issue with any payment system, but if Disney offer the same protection that banks offer, such as no nonsense claims procedures, guests can probably be safe.

‘RFID Skimming’ systems will be hard to smuggle into the parks by villains and the ability to ‘hack’ both a magicband and the central system simultaneously makes it hard to picture how large scale fraud can take place.

Keep your band safe, and your PIN in your head, not in your purse, and you should be fine!


The real risk to your Magicband account is you!

An article by totalorlando suggests that right now, Magicband users have no live method of checking their account activity, meaning that your card can be charged by any band that is linked to your card account.
Although you can choose which bands are linked, what levels of spend are set for each band, you have no way of telling who did what during your day at Disney.

Currently, according to totalorlando, you have to check with your resort’s front desk for a tally of transactions during your stay.

We give that a huge thumbs down for Magicbands and feel that Disney are selling guests short by not adding live account updates to the restaurant Ipads, Ipods and of course your own personal MyDisneyExperience App.

Seems funny how the $1bn system can do so much clever work, yet it can’t tell you the one thing Disney don’t want you to know:

Stop spending!





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