Guest arrested for rest room video

Joseph Cionzynski, 59, of Lansdale, Pa was arrested after being reported by a mom for recording her 8 year old in a rest room stall on video.
On August 2nd 2013, the distraught kid was raised the alarm and the brave parent challenged the man and reported him to security.

The incident is extremely rare among the Orlando theme parks and thankfully, due to the actions of the victim and his mother, along with the Disney Security team, the offender has been caught.
For other park guests, I would always advise being super cautious!
Although the theme parks are very safe generally, (safer than most city malls), it is absolutely vital that parents stay on high alert, and always check the whereabouts of their children.

Please also remember that while almost everybody you will meet in a theme park will be a regular and trustworthy person, there is no real way of identifying a criminal.
The moral of a-our advice, is, don’t be suspicious, just act safely and your kids will be fine!

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