Manta Award for Best Roller Coaster

Right now, my favorite Theme Park needs all of the love it can get and this week, the USA National Roller Coaster week, saw Manta get top spot in a Theme Park guide poll.

Well deserved too, I might add, as this B&M designed roller coaster is one of the most unique within the white knuckle ride circuit.
Lying prone (face down)the floorless, suspended coaster glides gracefully around the swooping inversions and loops effortlessly.

From the ground, the ride looks death defying, yet in your ‘seat’, the whole experience is rather beautiful and all at the same time, completely thrilling!
While there’s no doubt that you are travelling very quickly (56mph), the sensation of the Manta Ray’s ‘flight’ is what this is all about.

So, nice work SeaWorld!

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