Disney Springs Will be Worth Waiting For!

The only thing to come out of the Disney Fan Expo in California last weekend that is worth writing about is luckily for me, Disney Springs!
Even then, I had to squint at pictures to make sense out of what was going on!

What we could see was really encouraging if that huge scale model of a completed Disney Springs is anything to go by.
I always love to see those mini models, people motionless pointing into the distance, boats leaving frozen wakes in the waters of the Village Lake, all add to the mystique of what’s to come.

What is coming to Disney Springs?

I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but right now, Disney just aren’t giving anything away other than the original artists impressions and that gorgeous scale model!
To be fair to Disney, they’ve nothing to tell.
This is a lease project.
Now that the project is committed, the designs for the buildings are in stone, they can hit the retail, catering and entertainment sectors with plans of the units and dates for availability.

A charming 1900s store, could end up with Harley Davidson motorcycles, or cup cakes, and within reason, Disney won’t care, so long a their outline plans are met.
These will state what types of retail will be permitted in sections and whether restaurants are eligible.  They will also have ‘no-compete zones’, to ensure that guests explore the whole site logically.

Right now, it would be a certainty, that key Disney partners will be in the front running for the prime locations, and some, will of course, no longer stick around to be part of the Disney Springs thing in 2016.  One candidate to leave, if the scale model is anything to go by is Planet Hollywood.  The heavy restyle is a strong sign that the restaurant will close for work to be carried out.

The strip of parking that is currently there, will be unrecognisable once the fianl landscaping is applied.  There will simply be an East and West parking lot that are yet to be officially named.
The experience will be a lot ‘softer’ than the current DTD.  The harsh architecture looks set to be broken up by decorative landscaping to create a really cool feel good atmosphere.

Best of all?  The new shopping area will almost certainly come with an integral walk way to keep guests out of the heavy summer rain!

I have never looked forward to a shopping area as much as this in my life!
I feel bad about moaning about construction baords now!

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