They Killed the Parade? Oh no!

Can this be actually correct?  Surely Disney aren’t going to lose the daily 3pm parade for 3 months?
If it is true Main St USA is going to be a really strange place at 3pm!

And another thing, didn’t Disney just rip some extra dollars from us just because the Magic Kingdom is that little extra special?
I was actually ok with that until just now!  The Parade ‘Is’ the Magic Kingdom, it’s up there with Cinderella’s Castle as the heart and soul of the park!
I’m ok with change, the new parade looks amazing from what I’ve read, but a 3 month lay off and a price rise is testing loyalties a bit!

Apparently according to one theme park rumours source, the current Celebrate A Dream Come True parade ends some tim in December of this year and leaves a gap in the schedule until the new and seemingly bigger and better Festival of Fantasy parade opens some time in March of 2014.

The lay off is caused by necessary improvements backstage to allow the new parade to operate.  While the work is being done, the old parade is parked up for good or ready to be shipped off to another park somewhere.

I can’t think for one minute that the 3pm slot will be left open, so hopefully we can at least expect an additional ‘Move it Shake It! Street Party’ in its place!

If however, they do leave it open, I think we should all form a ‘silent stand’ pressure group!

We can all line up down Main Street USA with arms folded and heads bowed low as a ‘Stand Silent’ protest!

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