Universal’s HHN23 Reveal Week Begins!

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is the highlight of the Halloween Holiday Calendar for adults in Central Florida.  Second only to the eagerly awaited news of the scare houses that slowly reveal over the summer months.

For the 2013 version of HHN (the 23rd), Universal have covered a lot of bases through social media including Twitter, Facebook, the regular HHN site and even a teaser blog called Evil Takes Root !
Universal seemed to switch their media choices regularly over July and August as each house gradually confirmed its presence at the Universal Orlando theme park.

The most amazing thing though is the reaction to each house fro  FB followers!
Despite being sold out each night, give or take a few tickets, every announcement receives a fair share of negative feedback from would be guests.  The ensuing ‘cyber battle’ is often hilarious as rather blunt replies develop in defence of the event.

Whatever your feelings are about a few of the 8 expected houses this year, the overall experience is truly amazing and should not be missed!

Announced Monday 12th at Midnight: 
House #4 Urban Legends: La Llorona




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