Which are the Best Disney Ticket Sites in the UK?

The simple answer is NONE!

Ok, I’ve calmed down a bit, but come on, someone must be able to give us a decent deal, surely?
Every time we book flights, I set about the annual fiasco of trying to get good ticket deals, simply because ‘I am told to’ by my lovely dear husband!   Well, I have some news for him!  It just isn’t happening anywhere but inside his own stupid head!

What shocked me the most was that nobody online has bothered to put together a real comparison table for Disney Ticket sellers in Britain.
Go on, put into google;

Disney World Ticket Vendor Comparison  (or click that link to save your digits!)

One website pulls up their own preferred Vendors!
But most pull up their own ticket operations

Only one made any attempt to show a range of Disney Ticket pricing that you could expect to see, but even that hid the vendor’s names!  What good is that?
In their text, they did say that they didn’t want to offer any advertising to vendors that they’d used.
The one good thing that the site did reveal is that their sample of vendors offered little in the way of savings over Disney gate prices.
When I explained that to by husband he just snorted and said that they can’t have tried too hard as there were only 10 vendors on the list!
As always he has a point, well you would if you just had all day to sit and think up some crazy tasks for your wife to waster her day on wouldn’t you!

Seriously, though, it does seem as though REAL savings on Disney tickets are harder than ever to find!  The more I look, the more concerned I get if I see a new website that I hadn’t recognised before or can’t find reviews for!

For the family of four, we are talking of over $1700 for the 10 day passes.  That’s a lot of money to lose if I keep trying to hard to find those ‘Golden Tickets’!