Cap’n Jack’s Closing Soon at DTD

There’s one eatery over at Downtown Disney that just never made me happy.
Most of the restaurants at the shopping and dining had a lovely feel to them, irrespective of your food preferences.  Captain Jack must have been at sea too long if he ever thought that his water front restaurant was serving good food!

With a water side location that any other restaurant would give up tis head chef for, this almost ‘company canteen’ style eatery was without doubt, the least inspiring of places to dine at.  It looked dull and uninviting on the outside, but wait, inside it was a whole different story!  Yep, it was worse!

Why on earth anyone would pay these prices for average Seafood when Fulton’s Carb House was over the way, always defeated me.  Sure, it was close to the Saratoga Springs Resort, so maybe Disney were hoping the heat would cut the walk short as guests headed off on their way to the stunning River Boat that Walt once bought as a gift for his wife!

Anyways, the good news (for me at least) is that Cap’n Jack’s been sent back out to sea!
He won’t return either when Disney Springs emerges from the site over the next few years.

One thought on “Cap’n Jack’s Closing Soon at DTD

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