Will Harry Potter defeat the Star Wars Weekends?

News broke yesterday that Universal will be holding a Celebration of Harry Potter over at its Wizarding World of Harry Potter area inside Islands of Adventure!

In a nutshell, this ‘one off’ event so far looks like it will be hugely popular as Potter fans clamour to grab a glimpse of their favorite stars in a very quiet part of the theme park calendar.

With guest accommodation packages already set in place (bookable August 22nd onwards) it could well be that Universal are really taking this event very seriously.
If the teaser delivers, (below), the event should see some of the ‘A list’ actors appear at the event over the that runs over the weekend of January 24th to 26th 2014.

The event could herald the start of something very big indeed for Universal if they get the guest appearances right, and nothing less than Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Dumbledore would do would it?
To be fair, the huge cast is littered with likely candidates and in reality half a dozen over the weekends would really make things work well for the event.
If however, Universal fails to deliver, anything less than a spectacular event, Universal will truly score a Quidditch ‘own goal’!

The stakes are high for Universal, who clearly must be hoping to turn this single event into an ongoing annual bash, in the same way that Disney’s Hollywood Studios developed with the ever popular Star Wars Weekends.
As totalorlando commented earlier, the Harry Potter event could indeed end up being a much more popular event if Universal gets the magic spell right!

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