$50 SeaWorld Tickets

Sometimes, my cynical mind makes me wonder what a boardroom meeting at SeaWorld goes like!
Bad publicity must be high on the agenda right now, and killer whales, stranded animals and penguins on the loose must all be up there on that big Shamu sized flip chart!

Profits?  Yep, that’s the big one, but right now, profits are secondary to good publicity it seems!

Having lifted the prices sky high in June, SeaWorld announced a $50 ticket last week to the amazement of us all.

  • Sir I think we should increase our prices to one hundred bucks! Agreed!
  • Sir I think we should drop our prices to 50 bucks! Erm, Ok then!

For the life of me I can’t work that one out for one tiny moment.  No competent board can justify such an opposing strategy in so few weeks can they?

Anyway, to hell with the politics!  SeaWorld is a great theme park and the deal works out great for attracting guests that are staying nearby on Disney property for a day away from the Mouse!