Aquatica to Double in Size? A safer Investment!

With so much buzzing about SeaWorld at the moment, you might think the Park would welcome some good news, even if it wasn’t yet true!

A rumour is buzzing that Aquatica is expanding.
Although plans have been uncovered for a big new attraction on new land, it’s not at all clear that the project is still live.
SeaWorld has truly sliced any fat from its budget and the sister parks including Busch Gardens Tampa are also being squeezed.

The plans for Aquatica most certainly pre-date the filming of the rather cutting documentary ‘Blackfish’, so all bets could be well off during a period of deep uncertainty for the ‘marine park’ model that SeaWorld so desperately balances atop of.
It visitors do turn their backs on SeaWorld, something needs to be done of course, if operations are to survive.
Public opinion will be well and truly gauged by now, as SeaWorld research the responses to ‘Blackfish’ viewings and general publicity.  My guess, is that the execs already know the water is slowly draining out of the pools at SeaWorld.

With Aquatica, they have a model that works, and works very well.  The newest of Orlando’s water parks is performing brilliantly and the fresh layout and fun rides are popular with tourists and locals alike, excellent for smoothing out the peak seasons!

If SeaWorld are to survive, marine parks may transform into conventional theme parks and live animal shows will yield to politically correct and squeaky clean sanctuaries that offer great environments for sick and rescued animals to live healthily under the adoring gaze of paying guests.  While the marine exhibits lean further towards ‘an Aquarium in a restaurant’ kind of concept, the rides and attractions will be the draw, rather than humans slapping water to encourage animals to perform tricks.

I will miss SeaWorld, and I hope that it can linger on a little longer than political correctness seems to allow, because I for one, feel that our awareness of the ocean has developed greatly over the past 40 years thanks to superb explorers like Jacques Cousteau at one end of the scale right through to SeaWorld’s performing creatures at the other.

Aquatica is just a rumour, but little rumours often lead to incredible outcomes when the sea breeze of change is in the air!


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