Avatar Slips Further into the Future for WDW?

Am Orlando blog has offered an insight into the possible causes of the never ending silence about the $500m Avatar Land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
It looks like a BBC News article confirms a long running rumor that was sparked initially by Sigourney Weaver’s slip up that there would in fact be 3 sequels to Avatar rather than the originally planned 2 that Fox had pencilled in for the talented James Cameron.

For Cameron, it appears he had a lot of unfinished business in mind for Pandora and two sequels just weren’t enough to get the project over and done with to his satisfaction.
Well known as a perfectionist, Cameron must be driving Disney crazy right now as his additional film wreaks havoc with the much needed expansion to Walt Disney World’s Animal kingdom theme park.

Without his final ideas, Disney are unable to commit it seems, just in case Cameron adds something different into the movie that Avatar misses out!
Worse still, anything that Cameron is currently writing about for the 2014 shoot, (all 3 films to be shot in one timeframe!) will still need graphic design and rendering before Imagineers have any idea what to create!

Oh, and would ‘James (Perfectionist) Cameron’ let Disney’s Imagineers off on their own in the design of the new Avatar Land while he preoccupied writing?  I don’t think so do you?

So, will we see Avatar Land soon?

2016? No Chance
2017? Best Chance
2018? No Chance – Disney can’t wait that long!


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