Rip Ride Rockit Rider Injured – 1st August 2013

Universal Attraction closed after Rip Ride Rockit Rider Injured

A recent report from announced that the Rip Ride Rockit had been closed down by Universal Studios, pending an investigation into a minor injury to a rider of the Rip Ride Rockit.

Built by Maurer Söhne and first opened to the public on August 19th 2009, the popular 65mph white knuckle ride that towers 167ft tall has been a key part of Universal’s appeal at its smaller park in Orlando.
Due to special arrangements, the Orlando theme parks do not have to report all incidents that occur inside its theme parks as they have been offered exemption from federal inspector inspections and reporting systems.
In instances like this, where the park guest received treatment for a minor injury, before returning to the park, Universal are entirely free not to report the matter, or the cause at all.

In a modern safety conscious world, that might well seem crazy to many, but, thinking about it less cynically, it leaves the parks to deal with minor incidents without colossal federal bureaucracy.  In the event of a larger and more serious incident that requires medical care beyond 24 hours, then the incidents must be reported.

Thinking that through, the system is pretty close to being practical, but weighted a little too far in the favor of the park operators when you consider that a broken limb can be treated without an overnight stay and not be reported whatsoever!


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