$50 Weekday Ticket Deal – Good News?

Just over a month ago, SeaWorld announced a lift in their regular admission prices for a single day.
Lifting their prices from $82 to $89 to $92 then back down to $50 (for 2013 only) scares me a little if I were to be totally honest!

With Disney and Universal investing like crazy, SeaWorld have slipped a fair bit if you were to work on construction projects over the last few years.
Sure Antarctica is cool, in every sense of the word, but it hasn’t really blown people’s minds if you took a look at feedback on forums and facebook pages.

No doubt SeaWorld have been playing their cards very safely, thanks to the rather unpleasant ‘Blackfish’ documentary, but to be honest, the world hasn’t exactly gone crazy with resentment towards SeaWorld.  Why?  Because subconsciously, we all knew that getting a 2 ton marine animal to do tricks wasn’t exactly ideal, and, we all knew it was dangerous too!

The current show, much changed since the tragedy of a couple of years ago, is quite bland.  The show isn’t exactly enthralling anymore, and that is of course down to the improved safety requirements that SeaWorld now follow.  We’ve been without the feisty Believe version now for some years, and no doubt some guests have slipped away as a result.

It would be hard to tell how many guests it would take to stop going to SeaWorld to make a big difference to their future in the Orlando theme park scene.
In 2012, SeaWorld took 5,358,000 through their gates, that was 4.2% up on 2011!
While the public will have to wait until June of 2014 to find out what the 2013 figures are, SeaWorld will of course know already thanks to their turnstile counters weather they are likely to do better or worse this year.
With the new Antarctica attraction in place since May of 2013, my money is that those gate figures have increased again.

So what gives SeaWorld?  We are confused but happy that we can buy $50 for a great theme park!


4 thoughts on “$50 Weekday Ticket Deal – Good News?

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