Magicbands Overspend Risk

I’ve not heard or read of any major fraud issues or concerns during the current Magicband trials at Walt Disney World, but it is always a matter of time before someone falls foul of unexpected card charges.

To be honest, I think it will be rare.
I also think that Disney will set up a very robust method of assessing guest claims and making sure that they don’t fall prey to villains.

Disney have invested over a billion dollars in their contactless guest system and I doubt that they will let guests out of their parks unhappy about their experience with Magicbands.

Security is an issue with any payment system, but if Disney offer the same protection that banks offer, such as no nonsense claims procedures, guests can probably be safe.

‘RFID Skimming’ systems will be hard to smuggle into the parks by villains and the ability to ‘hack’ both a magicband and the central system simultaneously makes it hard to picture how large scale fraud can take place.

Keep your band safe, and your PIN in your head, not in your purse, and you should be fine!


The real risk to your Magicband account is you!

An article by totalorlando suggests that right now, Magicband users have no live method of checking their account activity, meaning that your card can be charged by any band that is linked to your card account.
Although you can choose which bands are linked, what levels of spend are set for each band, you have no way of telling who did what during your day at Disney.

Currently, according to totalorlando, you have to check with your resort’s front desk for a tally of transactions during your stay.

We give that a huge thumbs down for Magicbands and feel that Disney are selling guests short by not adding live account updates to the restaurant Ipads, Ipods and of course your own personal MyDisneyExperience App.

Seems funny how the $1bn system can do so much clever work, yet it can’t tell you the one thing Disney don’t want you to know:

Stop spending!





Magic Kingdom closes early on the first weekend of Sept!

On Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th, the Magic Kingdom hots up for a great Christian Music festival; Night of Joy.

While regular park guests will be politely ushered towards the exit area of the Magic Kingdom, Night of Joy ticket holders will be given wrist bands, that allow them to stay late to enjoy some great and diverse music around selected locations of the Magic Kingdom.

No matter what your music tastes, this is a truly great event, packed full of live performances from great artists.

The tickets cost $55 each, and are available through the Disney ticketing line.

This is the 31st annual event for the Night of Joy and this ever popular show is a real crowd pleaser!


LEGOLAND Free Admission for Police Fire and Emergency Medical

It’s been a long time since I had any news to write about, but this week we caught the news that LEGOLAND Florida is going to offer free admission to emergency workers through September!

Making the use of a normally quiet month, LEGOLAND have done the trick with this great offer.  The deal allows any serving or retired Police, Firefighters or Emergency Medical Services workers to take a day in LEGOLAND for free.

Although the offer does not extend to family members, LEGOLAND are offering up to four tickets per applicant for $40 per person, which represents a big saving on regular gate prices for the Lake County theme park that occupies the former Cypress Gardens site.

The $40 tickets are for either Adult of Kids and are a good amount less than the $75 for adults and $65 for kids (aged 3-12).
Please note Disney, that LEGOLAND consider kids to be kids up to the age of 12, not the ridiculous age of 9!

To qualify, service personnel should take formal ID of their profession to the ticket window to obtain free entry and up to four additional guests are entitled to the $40 pass price for the day.

Have a great time at LEGOLAND and don’t forget to try those Apple Fries!

Guest arrested for rest room video

Joseph Cionzynski, 59, of Lansdale, Pa was arrested after being reported by a mom for recording her 8 year old in a rest room stall on video.
On August 2nd 2013, the distraught kid was raised the alarm and the brave parent challenged the man and reported him to security.

The incident is extremely rare among the Orlando theme parks and thankfully, due to the actions of the victim and his mother, along with the Disney Security team, the offender has been caught.
For other park guests, I would always advise being super cautious!
Although the theme parks are very safe generally, (safer than most city malls), it is absolutely vital that parents stay on high alert, and always check the whereabouts of their children.

Please also remember that while almost everybody you will meet in a theme park will be a regular and trustworthy person, there is no real way of identifying a criminal.
The moral of a-our advice, is, don’t be suspicious, just act safely and your kids will be fine!

The Train arriving at King’s Cross: is Amazing!!!

Ok, after months of silence, someone snaps a shot of the Hogwarts Express Carriages and places them on a forum and is picked up by clickorlando and totalorlando!

At thrilling times like this, don’t you just hate copyright?  I won’t post the pics on here, but please feel free to click away above and check out the sources for yourselves.
What appears to be a backstage area of Universal includes a low load vehicle laden with a big burgundy colored victorian era train carriage that perfectly matches that locomotive based over in Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure.

Although Universal haven’t confirmed a great deal, there’s already information circulating about the new Express service that will link Universal’s two theme parks next summer.
The biggest surprise is that the trains will have TV screens for windows, that will offer passengers a perfect view of the passing English countryside on the way North to Hogsmeade in Scotland.
Apart from some stunning scenery, it’s a safe bet that we will see Ron Weasley’s Ford Anglia in flight, along with many other features from the Movies.

Expected open date for the Hogwarts Express?  July 2014 as a current guess!

Manta Award for Best Roller Coaster

Right now, my favorite Theme Park needs all of the love it can get and this week, the USA National Roller Coaster week, saw Manta get top spot in a Theme Park guide poll.

Well deserved too, I might add, as this B&M designed roller coaster is one of the most unique within the white knuckle ride circuit.
Lying prone (face down)the floorless, suspended coaster glides gracefully around the swooping inversions and loops effortlessly.

From the ground, the ride looks death defying, yet in your ‘seat’, the whole experience is rather beautiful and all at the same time, completely thrilling!
While there’s no doubt that you are travelling very quickly (56mph), the sensation of the Manta Ray’s ‘flight’ is what this is all about.

So, nice work SeaWorld!

Disney Springs Will be Worth Waiting For!

The only thing to come out of the Disney Fan Expo in California last weekend that is worth writing about is luckily for me, Disney Springs!
Even then, I had to squint at pictures to make sense out of what was going on!

What we could see was really encouraging if that huge scale model of a completed Disney Springs is anything to go by.
I always love to see those mini models, people motionless pointing into the distance, boats leaving frozen wakes in the waters of the Village Lake, all add to the mystique of what’s to come.

What is coming to Disney Springs?

I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but right now, Disney just aren’t giving anything away other than the original artists impressions and that gorgeous scale model!
To be fair to Disney, they’ve nothing to tell.
This is a lease project.
Now that the project is committed, the designs for the buildings are in stone, they can hit the retail, catering and entertainment sectors with plans of the units and dates for availability.

A charming 1900s store, could end up with Harley Davidson motorcycles, or cup cakes, and within reason, Disney won’t care, so long a their outline plans are met.
These will state what types of retail will be permitted in sections and whether restaurants are eligible.  They will also have ‘no-compete zones’, to ensure that guests explore the whole site logically.

Right now, it would be a certainty, that key Disney partners will be in the front running for the prime locations, and some, will of course, no longer stick around to be part of the Disney Springs thing in 2016.  One candidate to leave, if the scale model is anything to go by is Planet Hollywood.  The heavy restyle is a strong sign that the restaurant will close for work to be carried out.

The strip of parking that is currently there, will be unrecognisable once the fianl landscaping is applied.  There will simply be an East and West parking lot that are yet to be officially named.
The experience will be a lot ‘softer’ than the current DTD.  The harsh architecture looks set to be broken up by decorative landscaping to create a really cool feel good atmosphere.

Best of all?  The new shopping area will almost certainly come with an integral walk way to keep guests out of the heavy summer rain!

I have never looked forward to a shopping area as much as this in my life!
I feel bad about moaning about construction baords now!