Best Golf Orlando Golf Courses

Orlando is absolutely blessed with some amazing golf courses and it is no surprise at all when you consider that Florida is the USA’s ‘golf capital’.  With over 1250 courses, the state owes its golfing popularity to year round conditions and a climate that lends itself to lush greens and fairways.

We thought we’d set out to offer our pick of the best in and around Orlando, but to be fair, it is harder to find a bad course than it is to find a great one in the rest of the world!
Running a course in Florida requires a lot of skill and of course money to keep the grass irrigated and those greens carpet smooth.  If your standards aren’t up to scratch, you are out of business, simple as that!

With a whole host of tournament courses the standards are world class, and almost all can be played by visitors.

To find the best, we looked at a whole bunch of criteria, ranging from interest, difficulty, beauty, tee conditions, fairways, hazards, and of course, those legendary greens.

In no particular order, here’s our top golf course list for you to put to the test next vacation:

  • Eagle Creek Golf Club
  • Grand Cypress Golf Club
  • Falcon’s Fire Golf Course
  • Disney’s Palm Course
  • Celebration Golf Club
  • Championsgate Golf Club
  • Harmony Golf Preserve
  • Shingle Creek
  • Southern Dunes
  • Waldorf Astoria
  • Reunion Resort (3 courses: Palmer/Watson/Nicklaus)
  • Disney’s Magnolia Course
  • Disney’s Osprey Ridge Course
  • Orange Lake Reserve
  • Mystic Dunes
  • MetroWest Golf Club
  • Grand Pines Golf Club
  • Bay Hill Club & Lodge
  • Ritz Carlton Orlando

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