Animal Kingdom’s Avatar Land is delayed!

The official  Disney Parks Blog today announced the open date for the new Festival of the Lion King theater to open in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2014.
This is indeed good news!

At long last, the hopelessly spare land that we had to trudge through (Camp Minnie Mickey), will be levelled for a new project.

Avatar Land is coming to Disney World and it needs a space!
Right now there’s a bunch of trees, toilets, mediocre food kiosks, the amazing Guitar Dan and the Festival of the Lion King theater in the spot that will some day (not so soon) be occupied by Blue People of a long nasal nature!

The Disney announcement has slipped back, form a 2013 opening to a 2014 debut for Simba’s new home over near the Tusker House in Africa.
While the new location is nicer from a geographical point of view, it will make for a much busier intersection at the junction that links Africa to Asia and Discovery Island.
What a big mistake that will turn out to be!

Thankfully, we will have to wait until 2014 to find out!

In the meantime, assuming that the Lion King will only close for a few weeks while the Cast train in their new environment, (Lions , Hogs and Meerkats are very territorial), we can all assume that the Camp Minnie Mickey soil will remain untouched for longer than expected.

As Donald Duck would say; “Aw Phooey”

So, there we have it.  Animal Kingdom slows down a little.
Possible reasons?
Who knows, but Disney might be keeping a very close eye on the fortunes of another animal based theme park just a few miles up the I-4.

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