2 Friends, 1 Day, 47 WDW Rides!

Could you do all 47 WDW Rides in a day?

Fuelled by little more than a boyhood dream, two online acquaintances that had never met before  vowed to visit Walt Disney World some day and ride all of the rides, all in the same day!

Planned to the very last ounce of detail, the amazing feat was in fact almost completed on June 16th 2013.
If you are thinking: “Big Deal, it’s easy” then honestly, please think again!

The odds for the mission are stacked against you when you study these simple facts!

  • 16 Hours of Park Time available
  • 47 Rides
  • No Special Privileges
  • No Special Transport between parks
  • 47 rides in 16 hours = 20 minutes per ride
  • That 20 minutes has to see you through: wait time, ride time and park transit!

Worst of all, the chances of catching all of the 47 rides up and running in one single day is a big gamble!  Maintenance shutdowns, unexpected breakages or a storm will put your entire day off course, putting months of preparation into ruins!

Shane Lindsay and Ted Tamburo, were friends from afar, meeting as online friends on a Disney message board.  Their friendship grew until the day they met just before their epic adventure in June!  They hadn’t even talked on the phone!
Their story of their 18 year online friendship is as intriguing as the crazy ride marathon itself!

They nearly made it.  45 out of 47.  With time to spare the last two rides killed their dream, but you’d be better off reading their story for  yourself at  parkeology.com

Whatever this video adventure does for you, we are confident that you probably agree that good planning can achieve a lot when you visit Walt Disney World!

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