Hollywood Studios set to double in size?

I’ve always had to summon a lot of courage each time the wife tells me we’re off to Hollywood Studios.

I don’t mind it, I don’t love it.

Sure, the Tower of Terror and the Rockin Roller Coaster is fantastic but after half a dozen times, do I really want to watch Indiana again?
The show remains unchanged since its launch in 1989.  Can you imagine how many times I’ve had to watch that?
Dare I even mention my favorite Lights Motors Action to her?  No, of course not!
It completely does her crazy!

Star Tours did well in our family after the revamp, but hey, I’m just about done with that.
Taking HS seriously as a big theme park is getting harder and harder.
Surprisingly, that complaint doesn’t surface for the other three Disney Parks.
Animal Kingdom is the closest, but the sweet charm, constantly changing Safari and beautiful landscaping always make it a pleasure.

Reading some new rumours about a huge parking lot change at Hollywood Studios is getting my interest though!  Could it really be that as long last the park will finally grow up?
The rumoured project is huge, very costly and obviously there for a BIG reason!

If it comes off, I will definitely be renewing my annual pass!
(Ha as if I ever wouldn’t!)


One thought on “Hollywood Studios set to double in size?

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