Rip Ride Rockit Hidden tracks

OK so every now and then there’s a nice revelation about a hidden feature of an attraction, but this one really makes me mad!

After riding this thing for years, I find out from the Orlando Informer site that there’s a secret song list for the Rip Ride Rockit!

It is so secret in fact that it is even published on the Wikipedia site!  Grrrrrrrrr!

It’s a bit like looking all over for your pencil, for hours, only to find it sticking out over the top of your ear!

Anyway, here’ s the link to the Wikipedia article, which has a songlist and instructions for you to follow!
There’s something amazing for everyone on the list, even a really cool Barry White track that will really be something fun to blast around the track by!
My choice?  Vertigo of course by U2!

To access the list, simply get the code for a particular song from the wikipedia page, then press and hold the logo on the ride car screen for 10 seconds (release afterwards) and then enter the code on the keypad.
It’s as simple as that!  Listen to dozens more tracks that are much coler than the standard 30 tracks that are avaialble!


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