Legoland VIP tour for 500 bucks!!!

Wow, $500 for one day in Legoland Florida!
Yes, your saw correctly, that’s the cost for a VIP tour of one of my favourite parks in Orlando!

Based on the fact that this is a theme park for under 12s, I’m working hard here to work out what on god’s earth they are thinking can be worth that kind of money?
Sure those lines can get a bit busy at times, but out of season it isn’t bad at all!
For the money (Adults $495, Kids $445) you get:

  • Gift bag
  • Refreshements
  • Lunch
  • Front of line access to attractions
  • Back Stage access
  • Trip to Model shop
  • VIP Water Park access, cabana & souvenir towel (+$100 person)

A family of four could probably hop on a plane, book into an upscale Disney hotel and enjoy a mini weekend off season for that kind of money!
The rich have money, but they sure aren’t idiots!

We will never know if the program is a flop, Legoland won’t admit to that, but I tell you what, next time I’m there I’m going to keep an eagle eye out for groups heading to the front of the line with passes on a lanyard!

Will I give them ‘evils?’ no way!  If they have that kind of money, I’m going to keep smiling at them in the hope that they confuse me for a tour guide and give me a huge tip!

Welcome to the crazy world of up-selling!  You only need a few fools a day!

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