Shark Encounter – Encounters a glitch?

I love SeaWorld.

It offers a really pleasant break from the ‘magic’ of Disney or the brain rattling roller coasters of Busch.  Strolling around the beautiful walkways of Orlando’s marine themed park is always a pleasure.

It’s not often that a theme park attraction takes a few unexpected days out of the schedule during a busy spell over the summer, but Shark Encounter is currently down for some kind of brief maintenance work.

Well, when I say ‘brief’ that was based upon the announcement on their website stating that the attraction is closed for maintenance from the 15th July though the 19th July.
As I write, it is still down today on the 23rd!

If you’ve ever worked in a high pressure business, say for example a car plant or airport, you will know by now, that ‘heads are on the block’ whenever something big fails.
With proper maintenance and care, attractions should never need to close for mechanical work.

Alternatively of course, it may be an animal related problem.  I can’t think for one minute that looking after an ‘off color’ shark is a particularly easy or pleasant task!

Let’s hope this rather quaint and aged attraction is back into action soon, it is one of the coolest things to experience as you slowly glide beneath the sharks on the moving walkway!

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