Figment will soon be a thing of your Imagination!

I hate rumours like this one!

Breaking the news to you is mostly fun, exciting in fact!  Every now and then though, a dark cloud rolls over my Mac as I type.

It seems, if rumours are true, that Epcot will soon see a big change over at the Future World West’s Imagination Pavilion.

Captain EO and Figment look set to vanish forever from January 2014.

Figment first appeared on March 5th of 1983, so it has the disadvantage of having brought Disney Magic to literally millions of families.  Not great if you are a theme park operator hoping to ditch a relic and move forward with something new!
Let’s face it, the ride, despite my sentiment, is a little weak.
What on earth is there at Epcot for youngsters beyond and absent minded Regal Tang and Clown Fish?

Captain EO too has had an appearance or two since Sept 12th 1986 as it ‘booted’ out the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience in July of 2010.

What is it with Epcot?  Why do they hate kids so much?
If they rip out the Imagination Pavilion, my hopes are high that Disney will at long last, put something stunning in that will truly blow the minds of families (think Seven Dwarfs Mine Train kind of fun!).

Nevertheless, I am fully prepared for the much rumoured Phineas & Ferb attraction to be a cheesy enhancement of the existing Figment track.
Now that would be a crime against Disney Pass holders!




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