World of Chima Opens at LEGOLAND Florida

Determined to keep moving forward, LEGOLAND Florida recently opened its World of Chima area within the grounds of its ‘hottest theme park’!

Home to a great new water ride, our first visit really did do the trick in cooling us right off!
Not only did we get soaked on the ride itself, but the line wait area also gave us a chance to blast the boat’s riders!  Oh, and by the way, the boat riders got us back too!

This is one of those attractions that brings out the little devil in us all, happy to squirt jets of icy water at others, yet we stand in sheer disbelief as the water blasters on the Quest for Chi ride steadily all point our way!

LEGO is all about fun, imagination and creativity and the park engineers definitely must have had a blast developing ideas for this beautiful new area of the LEGOLAND Florida theme park.

Designing stuff with kids in mind must have been rewarding and LEGOLAND definitely emerges as probably the second best theme park for kids in Central Florida.

First place?  As if we need to announce:  The Magic Kingdom of course!
While LEGOLAND hasn’t and probably never will capture the romantic elegance of WDW’s first theme park, I wouldn’t let you tell me that LEGOLAND is in any way an inferior park.  It is simply different.  It is unashamedly aimed at under 12s and does the job better than any!

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