Why do we love Universal’s two Orlando parks so much?

There’s not a bad theme park in Orlando.

Why is it though, that the two parks owned by Universal have such a ‘cool’ feel to them?

A quick look at Tripadvisor’s Orlando attraction rankings sees a very hefty weighting towards Disney attractions, yet striking up conversation with many, reveals a deep seated respect for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!

Are people doing one thing and saying another?
Possibly, the facts are astoundingly in the favour of Disney when you look at those rankings and add to that the theme park attendance figures that are released each year.
Although people love Disney, their gate attendance figures are made up from a mixture of families, individuals, grandparents and more.
Islands of Adventure and Universal obviously have the same potential mx, but, there’s no doubt about it, it’s more about teens and adults!

The raw data says that Disney is more popular, but the voice for Universal’s parks is much greater as more of the ‘older’ fans take to social media, blogs and forums to voice their views!

So, if you’ve ever wondered why Disney takes the gate money and Universal takes the street cred, now you know!


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