Go Florida Ticket – Big Savings or Rip Off?

Go OrlandoIt’s been a long while since we last took out a Go Orlando ticket and as you’d expect, it was a lot cheaper than the current $100+ for a 2 day ticket!

I also seem to recall that it was longer than 2 days too!

So right now, I’m not leaning too heavily towards the Go Orlando ticket ‘deal’ at all.
Over the years however, I’ve learned the hard way to work on facts, not emotion, so let’s have a look at how a typical Go orlando ticket might be used!

Let’s say we are two adults and two kids and we want to do some fun stuff away from the theme parks during our stay on I-Drive.
After lots of research, we reckon that we might take in a few activities including:

  • Wonderworks                       Total for the family of $89.96
  • Congo River Crazy Golf        Total for the family of $43.96
  • Kennedy Space Centre         Total for the family of $180.00
  • LEGOLAND                             Total for the family of $250.00
  • SeaWorld                                Total for the family of $312.00
  • Fun Spot USA                         Total for the family of $139.80

Based on buying single tickets – Grand total for family $1015.72 (+tax)

If however we opted for the 4 day ticket plus SeaWorld option, the total cost for two adult and two kids Go Orlando cards would be: $865.20 (+tax)
That’s a hefty saving of $150+
So, there we have it!  The Go orlando Card is a genuine saving!

While there’s no catch to this bundle saving card, it isn’t quite as good as it may seem!
While you do have 14 days in which to use your four days worth of allowances, from the first day that you use your card, there is a 6:00pm cut off limit.
This makes the ticket fine for big ticket items like Kennedy Space Centre, SeaWorld and LEGOLAND but much less attractive for evening fun at places like Wonderworks, Congo River Golf or Fun Spot USA!

With that in mind, it is always worth bearing in mind that the risk of paying your cash up front and not being able to fit four days of use in, might totally outweigh the benefit of saving a mythical 150 bucks!

Our advice?  Hmmm, still not sure about the Go Orlando ticket to be honest!