Car Park Dig Up Fest at Downtown Disney!

Just as the Summer season hit a peak, Disney Dig up one of the biggest sections of the parking lot at DTD!

Granted, the new Disney Springs development is going to cause some inconvenience and this is likely to be just the very beginning of a +3 year battle of dust, construction boards, construction traffic and rumors!

On a scale of 1 to 10, the chaos probably lands at a 4 or 5.  In Disney terms, that is big!
They built a whole new theme park area just recently and hardly made the noise of a ‘pin drop’ in the Magic Kingdom!

With that in mind, you’ve got to wonder why DTD is so important?

Simply put, this is the ‘up-sell’  this is the profit machine that Universal probably will never match, let alone beat.

All you have to do to realise the potential of DTD is to loom at the ‘Disney Way’.
Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, Transportation Ticket Centre, Monorail, WDW STOLport etc.

If Disney Springs flourishes, imagine how well it might look as the main gateway to WDW.  Just off the I-4.

Reachable by all, able to reach all, with the help of course of trains, monorails and more.
As a nation, America is has yet to embrace the machine that conquered the landscape, but the locomotive is without doubt, one of the most efficient and manageable means of mass public transport.

Far fetched? Maybe!

Although we may need to live another 30 years, don’t doubt for one minute, that there’s a drawing somewhere of an integrated transportation system that joins up the entire WDW Resort network!

I hope I’m right, but also hope I’m young enough to see it!



2 thoughts on “Car Park Dig Up Fest at Downtown Disney!

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