Trouble in the Sea World? – Possibly, In the name of Blackfish!

Perhaps SeaWorld expected Antarctica to do much better, but some recent developments over at the salty theme park might be a sign of some tough times ahead?
Having spent a lot on the huge new attraction, it hasn’t really been that well received by everyone.
A flick through websites and blogs leaves you with an impression that the ride is a little tame and ‘chilly’ to say the least!

While we ourselves, love the new attraction, even though it doesn’t have the same sort of hype-able power that a new ‘wizard world’ or Fantasyland can have.

A few ‘Blogland’ posts recently focus heavily on SeaWorld’s decision to introduce staggered operating hours for some of the park attractions.
Closing down rides and attractions cuts only a few dollars of wages, but vast sums of energy costs, as lighting, hydraulic systems, water pumps, aircon and more, eases the load on a theme park’s huge electricity bill!

One aspect that SeaWorld will certainly be focussing upon is the upcoming screening of a rather unflattering movie ‘Blackfish’.
Premiering in London today (15th July 2013) and due for general international release later in the week, this documentary about  Seaworld’s Tilikum looks set to divide opinion as it looks critically at Orcas in captivity along with the potential risks for trainers.
From what we’ve seen so far, I can’t help feel that SeaWorld will take a big hit as a result of the new movie.

SeaWorld – A Theme Park in the balance?

Writing about SeaWorld is always very difficult.
Yes, it is becoming increasingly untrendy to keep animals in captivity, but the ability for the public to relate to, and recognise some of the most vulnerable species is without doubt hugely important.
I’m inadequately qualified to professionally comment upon whether SeaWorld is good for Marine conservation or not, but I have a deep hunch that despite the captivity of these amazing creatures, the park does play an important role in drawing awareness to a world that 99.999% of us will never visit.

I personally fear that this year might just reveal the demise of SeaWorld’s Shamu Stadium.  Such an event would redefine the character of the park, leaving many other animal interaction areas under jeopardy.
With the Blackfish movie yet to screen, the trainer tragedy of a few years ago and unfavourable OSHA fines over the recent months, SeaWorld might possibly be facing a year of unbearable pressure.
For me, I miss the old Shamu Stadium shows, the recent offerings, pruned back for safety reasons, just don’t seem to have the same value.  Safety must come first however.

I was never too naive to think that the shows didn’t have issues, but I always felt that SeaWorld raised some important attention to marine life and the balance of nature though its efforts.
In my mind, that was a chance worth taking if we each looked after our environment that little more carefully!


4 thoughts on “Trouble in the Sea World? – Possibly, In the name of Blackfish!

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