Halloween Horror Nights at Universal

With tickets on sale, Halloween Horror Nights 23 is the hottest booking seasonal event right now!
HHN23 Calendar


Orlando’s scariest seasonal event is no candy picking trick or treat celebration, that’s for sure!
Recalling entering the parks many years ago, we could see grown adults crying, as they left the parks early on!  Yes, HHN will definitely scare you!
Even macho men jump out of their wits in the creepy ‘houses’ around Universal during the evenings.
While the parks by day have all of the usual upbeat halloween themes in place, regular Universal guests are ushered out at 5pm on the days that HHN operates.

Once that process is complete, at around 6:30pm, the nervous and excited HHN guests start to arrive!

Tickets cost around $91.99 per night, which may seem a huge amount, but this is definitely worth the money if you love your horror thrills!  There’s simply nothing like it out there and should not be missed!

Our four pieces of advice for the Halloween Horror Nights are:

  1. Take the additional Express Pass option (another $50 to $100 bucks each!!!!)
    We know that this seems now to be a hugely expensive night, but, without the Express Pass tickets, you may only see a third of the fun, just waiting in line!
  2. Sleep all afternoon and stay in the park late!  The fun is intense, so plan on leaving at 2am close!
  3. Don’t take anyone under 14 there, this is scary!  Not good for kids at all!
  4. Don’t drink too much alcohol, you might have to leave Q for a P!

If you are in Orlando for these dates, we’d definitely recommend taking this into your schedule,  it really is that good!


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