Top 10 Tips if it Snows in Orlando

I was in Orlando once over December in 2009.
To say it was cold was an understatement, the frosts were heavy.
The real fun came a few days later when the snow arrived.
With the possibility albeit rare, I thought I’d draw up a list of things I might want to do in Orlando next time it snowed!

  1. Stand on any I-4 bridge and video the fun!
  2. Hear people from Canada say “its warm!”
  3. Eat ice cream outside for longer than 20 seconds!
  4. Point to the sky and scream “there’s Santa Claus!” (Only works in the Magic Kingdom)
  5. Tell everyone back home that it’s just a Disney stunt and you will call them back when the heat wave passes.
  6. Try to find somewhere that sells a warm coat
  7. Find a cool hill and ride a heavy grade trash bag down it
  8. Try and order a kids Sled in Walmart
  9. Put Snow in a Thermos inside the Magic Kingdom and sell it on Ebay (Video required)
  10. I’m out of ideas, you got one more?

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