MagicBands make you enjoy spending your money!

The chairman of Walt Disney Parks, Tom Staggs, announced this week that MagicBands were increasing guest spending in his parks and resorts.
I would imaging that’s a relief to Tom, who after all, signed off a huge capital budget for the technology!

It seems that Disney guests always hate change, unless it is something new!

Take away their favorite ride and there will be trouble, but introduce something that is actually an extra and as if by magic, those bulging Disney cash registers, bulge a little more!
Watch out for more great ideas that will make us all enjoy ourselves so much we go home without any money!

While we all know that we have a limit on our financial resources, Disney are banking on making it as easy and enjoyable as possible to grab every dollar they can before you head off somewhere else.
Even better, they hope in fact, that you will love their services so much that you don’t ever leave their amazing resorts!

MagicBands are just another weapon in their armoury, and we can expect many more!

Over at Universal Orlando, their sharp minded advisors will be thinking of something to trump the deal.  Something more fun, better perhaps than MagicBands.
MagicWands anyone lol?


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