Osbourne Family Christmas Lights to Finally ‘Pop a Fuse’?

Osborne Famiiy Lights

With all of the gossip floating around over Cars Land, Star Wars Land and just about every other possibly conceivable rumor that’s about to happen at Disney’s ‘weakest’ park, Hollywood Studios are now rumoured to be showing the Osbourne Family Christmas for the very last time this December.

If it’s all true, Hollywood Studios might as well become just be a parking lot, tram and building site with the Hollywood Tower of Terror poking out of the ground!

Sure, we all know that it’s time for change at HS, but really?  Can all of these rumours be true?

  1. Backlot Tours to make way for Cars Land
  2. Lights, Motors, Action to make way for Cars Land
  3. Great Movie Ride to make way for a new thrill ride
  4. Backlot Express to make way for a Star Wars attraction
  5. Sounds Dangerous Theater to make way for Jedi Training
  6. Muppet theatre to make way for Cars Land
  7. A Monsters Inc Monstroplis somehwere
  8. Fantasmic to make way for a Star Wars show

If some of it is true, then great, but if all of it is on the cards, where on earth are we all going to go to get our $100 worth of fun each day?
When you see the crazy rumors laid out bare, it spells out one of two things

  1. The internet is hugely inaccurate
  2. Disney are in a blind spin over Universal’s progress

Sadly, I think that the answer to the question is quite frankly both!
The moment those construction walls at Islands of Adventure went up all of those years ago was the cue that Disney simply missed.  Of course Harry Potter was going to be a huge success, rather like Star Wars, it always was and always will be thanks to the huge franchise that has been built just to keep books and merchandise selling.

Why were Disney caught napping I wonder?
From where I’m sat, they aren’t in a bad position at all, but, that’s not where their shareholders want them to be.  2% attendance growth just isn’t enough.
I admit that the corporate world of entertainment leaves me a little out of my depth, but I know one thing for sure, Disney need to make some announcements soon and commit to sorting out their ‘fourth park’ before it ends up looking like a rather burst balloon at the end of a party!


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