Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival is Approaching!

Logo18 years ago, the very first International Food & Wine Festival took place at Epcot.
While destined to be a great thing, it’s hard to imagine how successful it would finally turn out to be!

Eagerly awaited by locals, food critics, regular park visitors and food lovers alike, the 18th version of this culinary event looks set to be just as exciting as all before it.

September 27th until November 11th.

If you are able to pick and choose your next vacation dates, we would definitely recommend taking this window of opportunity to enjoy one of the ‘finest’ dining experiences in Central Florida.

If you have your doubts about Disney Food, please, set them aside.  This is simply something completely different to the (let’s be kind here) ‘moderate’ food available in the parks.

Oh for sure, Epcot is a cut above the rest of the parks, but hey, their normal offering isn’t exactly wonderful is it?
Le Cellier is extortionate, France offers ‘joke’ dishes such as quiche! The UK sells frozen fish and chips, Morocco is tasty, but seems a bit mass produced, Italy is close to being decent but very pricey, Germany is a bit like the UK, bloody unimaginative, but that’s not Epcot’s fault and China’s dishes are straight from any cheap buffet restaurant in a shopping mall!
Mexico and Japan are probably the best in terms of Quality, with the latter ahead by miles.

With that little clarification in  place, all we can say is that we have yet to sample a dish from the Food & Wine Festival that didn’t make us think of nice things to say!
The quality, the variety and the prep is simply astonishing.
So much so, it beats the living sense out of me why the festival isn’t there all year round!



2 thoughts on “Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival is Approaching!

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