Top 10 Silly Things to Do on Vacation

Vacation time takes us out of our comfort zone in many ways.
Some things are just as you’d expect; we get easily tempted to eat & drink a lot more on vacation and why not?  For many, trying the delicious treats or dining outside in the warm Florida evenings make the whole holiday that much different from back home.
With tempting Margaritas, Cocktails and refreshingly cool beers on offer, we will often round a meal off with a glass or two!

Of course, that’s all standard vacation fun stuff, and provided we don’t fall head first into a vat of Cuba Libre, we should be fine!

So, we don’t want to hang a dark cloud over the vacation whatsoever, but we did have a big office ‘head together’ to see what we could come up with as the most silly things to do to spoil a great vacation!

Our experienced team of family friends put them in order for us, and the #1 mess up, was unanimous!

  1. Inadequate Sunscreen – The greatest way to spend 3 or 4 days indoors while the rest of the family has fun!  Cover up well and don’t think for one minute that you won’t burn!
  2. Not having a daily plan – Without some sort of schedule, your vacation days can easily zip by as you try to decide as a group where to go and at what time.  A plan is always a good start and you can always tweak it a bit each day as you go.
  3. Over spend – Pick a daily budget and stick to it!  There’s so much there to tempt you and it is very easy to overspend.  Keep track by keeping your till receipts.
  4. Excessive Drink – Yep we had to mention it.  Not only can it cause trouble with the authorities, but it can easily wipe out the next day as you recover in bed!
  5. Immigration – Don’t fool about or get aggressive in immigration.  You could end up being marched back to your plane while it refuels!
  6. Cheap Tickets – Don’t fall for it! They are sold by fraudsters or time share only.
  7. Dehydration – Make sure you drink plenty of water each hour or so to keep you hydrated.  Dehydration makes you tired and intolerant, so watch out for those signs.
  8. Lost Documentation – Keep it with you or keep it safe.  Don’t lose valuable passports, tickets or ID cards.
  9. Pool Safety – Although rare, toddlers can wander into pools without armbands very easily.  Don’t take chances, keep doors locked, or keep pool nets up.  Don’t let anyone in your group dive into shallow pools!
  10. Don’t forget to have fun!!!

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