Top 10 Orlando Shops for Brits

Although we kind of share a common language, our worlds kind of share a similar distance when it comes to shopping!

  • tap = faucet
  • petrol = gas
  • nappy = diaper

As a person sharing a life in the UK & the USA, the appeal of the American retail sector just blows my mind, irrespective of how often I visit my adorable Florida!

Some US goods are simply illegal in the UK, others just aren’t part of our culture.
Brits generally observe that everything in the USA does seem bigger, better, faster, cheaper, more fun!  That’s not a bad assumption!

Way Out West

Here’s our pick of a few everyday stores that will blow the minds of the average Brit!

  1. Bass Pro – Outdoor Activities Store
    This amazing outdoor store will appeal to boys of all ages!
    From kids fishing rods, right up to big game tackle, you can even tow away a 30ft boat from the store same day!
    With camping, hunting, rifles, hand guns on display, this is a paradise land for those that yearn to be the hunter!
  2. Way Out West Western Outfitters Store Posner
    I’ve never had so much fun as this place!
    In the UK we think of the Western days as history, but to Americans, it’s a hugely important part of their heritage.  The atmosphere in the store is fantastic, the smell of the leather will last in your memories forever.
    Hundreds of cowboy boots, hats and high quality accessories!
  3. Edwin Watts Golf – Kissimmee
    Golf equipment in the UK is so expensive in comparison to the UK and great bargains can be easily taken back to the UK.
    The advice from the guys in the Vineland Rd Store in Kissimmee was fantastic, although we guess the same service from the other locations too.
    Look out for new season products that aren’t in the UK yet!
  4. Harley Orlando – Orlando
    You may see the lovely store in Downtown Disney, but head over to their main store just off the I-4 north of Universal Studios for a real insight into life with a ‘Hog’ (pronounced ‘Hawg‘)
    Literally hundreds of these beautiful Iron Horses are on display, but there’s a constant stream of riders arriving on their own bikes too if you love the noise of the huge v-twins!
  5. Dicks Sporting Goods
    This hugely popular chain offers shops that brim full of just about all sports equipment that you can think of.  It’s a great place to browse and the quality and variety will keep you looking for ages!
    Golf equipment, sports shoes, hunting, fishing enthusiasts are all served well!
  6. Ron Jons Surf Shop – Cocoa Beach
    Whether you surf or not, this huge store in Cocoa Beach is worth the 50 minute drive.  It is huge and offers everything from beach toys, boogie boards and more.
    Most people however spend most of their money on the incredible range of swim wear.  The selection is unbelievable.
    There’s a much smaller but worthy store on I-Drive, but the Cocoa Beach location is the ‘eye-popper’!
  7. Saks 5th Avenue – Florida Mall
    We nearly didn’t put this upmarket dept store down, simply because of affordability.
    Then we all agreed that this was just an unmissable insight into the retail potential of America!  The designer items are full priced and truly desirable.
    The people watching opportunity is just wonderful here!
    Lovely staff are welcoming and glad to serve us mortals with a bottle of perfume or just a tie!
  8. Best Buy – Electronic Goods
    You may have heard of Best Buy in the UK as it briefly appeared on the market.
    This American version is a big thing in the USA and the stores are well staffed and stocked full of every conceivable consumer gadget.  With good advisors that aren’t pushy, we recommend heading here for some great deals or unusual items.
  9. Oak Ridge Gun Range
    We kind of hesitated with this one too, but decided that this tiny gun range to a few miles east of I-Drive was an opportunity that Brits should not miss.
    The gun store/range is open to the public and all you need to do is take soem formal ID such as a passport or driver’s licence and you can select handguns and purchase rounds to fire at paper targets.
    Just show up, or do what we did, we booked a 30 minute induction session.
  10. We are working on number 10!!!!

We hope you enjoy your visit to Orlando and take some time out form the parks to explore at least a few of the Top 10 shops for Brits in Orlando.
To visit them all wouldn’t be really possible in a regular vacation, but pick a few out before you travel and feel free to post comments with questions!

Remember too, that Americans tend to love Brits and in my experience are always willing to help you in any way that they can.
Happy shopping!

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