Airline Ticket Style Pricing for the Parks?

Oh, just when we thought our wallets and purses were safe for a while, this latest ticket price story hits the internet!

A lot of what you read is pure rubbish, but this one, we’ve been expecting for a while.
The origin of the story is also backed up with the Orlando Sentinel adding to the suspicion that this is more than just a feeble rumor!

While the story stems from SeaWorld’s ‘master bean counter’, I think that it is very safe to assume that each and every CFO at the Orlando parks is waiting for this one like an excited kid on Christmas Eve!

Simply put, we are going to get charged more when the theme parks are most busy!

So, remember those kids you had?  Taking them out of school time just got a whole lot more costly thanks to the cash grab that looks set to head into Orlando soon.
No wonder families take time away during term time!
Although they cause havoc with their kids education, they end up taking the chance to be able to take an affordable vacation!

Ironically, in twenty years time, once the nation has run out of well qualified adults, those execs will be wondering what happened to the economy!

Ok, ok, so I’m exaggerating a little, but, my irrational anger does make a valid point; you can only milk a cow for as much milk as it holds!  Go too far and there are consequences!

A mini revolution is unlikely, we all love the place so much, but, if I take $1000 in my wallet each year, that’s all I can spend.
No matter what they charge for tickets, the reality means that I have less to spend on accommodation  food, gifts.
Push me too far, I stay for a shorter time, or eat snacks in the parks instead of meals.
My resources are not limitless.

Right now, business is booming in Orlando, gate attendances are growing, discounts are drying up and rooms are filling nicely.  Hey Park dudes, that hasn’t always been the case!
Remember the recession that hasn’t quite passed yet?

No of course you haven’t, it didn’t affect you one bit!

(Note – this is not my usual writing style, but I just feel:  Grrrrrrrrrrrr!)