Empire of the Penguin Update 3 – Zzzzzzzzz

If keeping the blog world buzzing is SeaWorld’s game, they are doing an amazing job of it lol.

OK, I’m pretty sure that this should be the last Antarctica post for a few days, but, here you go my little oceanic fans!
At last, SeaWorld have removed those thick rope nets from the viewing area in their indoor penguin enclosure.
The little devils have had ‘sufficient training’ it seems and are now fully aware of the requirements to comply with SeaWorld’s very thick penguin safety procedures manual!

Are SeaWorld for real?
The trouble stems from the fact that the enclosure is practically barrier-less, the edge of their tank is just inches above the cheeky chaps chilly water level.
If ever there was a stupid combination SeaWord have proudly won ‘silly idea of the year’ with their rubbishy enclosure design!
Let’s look at the problem in a little more detail!

Here are some basic Penguin Facts that most Kindergarten Kids know:
Fact 1 – Penguins are very fast in the water
Fact 2 – They love diving in and out of water at speed
Fact 3 – They are tricky to catch when wet
Fact 4 – People think they walk funny and would love to hang out with one
Fact 5 – They stink of fish
Fact 6 – Apart from humans, they are the only animals that can drive (Madagascar)
Fact 7 – Guests should keep their car keys in a zipped pocket!

When you consider our very simple, undeniable and scientifically proven evidence, it’s only a matter of time before there’s chaos in the I-4 some day soon, so be warned; the next time you are in a tailback, it will undoubtedly be a waddle* of penguins that are heading south in the direction of home!

*there’s no officially recognised collective noun for penguins.
Some scientists at a conference attempted to establish that on land, they are a ‘waddle’, on water they are a ‘raft’.
Well, that’s just great, bloody scientists took 76 years to decide that Pluto wasn’t a planet, when for years, we knew all along he was actually Mickey’s cute dog!

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