July 4th weekend – The Parks Are Busy!

This  Independence Day weekend brought huge levels of visitors into Orlando for the 237th Independence day celebration!

Way back in 1776, the estimated population for the whole of America was a respectable 2.5 million.   Yet now, the USA boasts an official citizenship of just over 316 million!

With figures like that, it is easy to imagine how the most popular tourist destination on earth gets so busy over the July 4th Holidays!

2013 was no exception and most of the main water parks, including Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and Aquatica closed due to capacity limits.
The Magic Kingdom also closed to general visitor on the 4th due to capacities being reached.

The closures are often placed into effect in a gradual way in order to prevent the parks from being uncomfortably overcrowded, and the methods  vary from park to park.
The usual closure candidates on busy days are almost always the water parks first, then the Magic Kingdom.

This weekend’s closures act as an important reminder to think ahead and get into the parks early in the day over the busiest of holidays.  Alternatively, plan to visit one of the other parks if possible.  Epcot is usually the last to fill, mainly due to its vast size!

Always remember that a Park Admission Ticket is not a guarantee of entry during the busiest times!

If you need to check out nore information about park closure policies, check out this article about Disney Parks phased closures.





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