Cypress Gardens is now the Home of LEGOLAND

Long term visitors to Orlando might miss a few things if its a long while between visits.
The ever changing landscape of Orlando loses a few friends along the way, some of the dear, some not so.

That huge wooden roller coaster at Circus World/ Boardwalk and Baseball disappeared from the landcape after the lively but low budget park closed 1990.
The popularity of Church Street Station in Downtown Orlando also fizzled out as a tourist destination around the turn of the Millenium thanks to the upcoming Downtown Disney and CityWalk resort areas.

But what of Cypress Gardens?  The lush rolling gardens and lakeside retreat, featured in many a movie and photo-shoot and offered a great antidote to the hectic commercialisation of the main theme parks.
Famed for water ski shows and beautiful gardens, the park suffered much change and misfortune until a final sale in 2010 finally brought the park the investment it really needed in order to compete with the prolific growth being enjoyed at Orlando’s other theme parks.

LEGOLAND looks set to offer a big boost to the old Cypress Gardens site and steady investment should prevent the historic park from suffering a similar fate again!


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