The Quest for Chi Opens today!

The Quest for Chi

Just browsing through today’s Orlando Sentinel, made it clear why The Quest for Chi was much anticipated by LEGOLAND’s team!

That hot Florida sun gets Central Florida over 50 million guests a year, but once they are there, they need to cool off and keep in the shade.
The wide open LEGOLAND park is a suntrap.  With lots of reflective bricks and paved areas in rolling landscaping, the luscious former Cypress Gardens site can sure get warm quickly!

Since opening, LEGOLAND have begun to add in misting systems and now The Quest for Chi!
Or should we rename it “The Quest for Cool?”

The family boat ride is a bit of a battle boat, armed with spray cannon to help you defeat all evils.  In reality, that evil has some hefty ammunition itself in the form of good clean h2O!   Be prepared for a really good soak!


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