Mini Golf for Real Golfers? Only at Disney!

Where in the world could you find a serious mini golf course?

Why Disney of course!IMG_1035

Image courtesy of

Yes, I really mean it.  If you want the most amazing mini golf practice area in Florida, then head over to Fantasia Fairways for the ultimate 18 hole putting challenge!

The felt putting surfaces are well groomed, with the only issue being the same as any other real course in the world, falling leaves!

With each hole resembling a genuine 18 hole golf course fairway, the course makes a good attempt at providing dad with some much needed ‘putting time’ while the kids join in too!

The putters are the usual rubbish ones, too short, too numb and awfully in feel, but  don’t be afraid to take your trusted putting tool with you if you remembered to pack it!  (A good ball won’t go amiss either!)

Each hole is a visual delight.  The ‘felt bunkers’ and traps are there to add to the fun, but rest assured, there’s not a windmill or ferris wheel in sight on the gorgeous course.
If however the kids played well and your good lady got the better of you, there’s always the Fantasia Gardens course right next door if you feel the urge to settle the score!

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