Disney Springs will be a dark cloud of DTD

I’m all for progress.

Disney Springs will really lift Downtown Disney

At the moment CityWalk is much cooler than DTD

I want Disney Springs

I don’t like boring green construction boards

Disney Unveils Vision for Disney Springs – Town Center and The

Ok, I thought I would lay out five thoughts of mine before heading off into this post!
Disney always seem to have something major going on.  We sometimes feel like we are wishing our lives away in anticipation of the next exciting thing!
It seems only a few months ago that we heard the news about New Fantasyland, then POW!, it is here!
With Disney Springs though, I can’t help feel that the process of transforming the walkways and buildings won’t be quite so easy on guests.

As Pleasure Island succumbs to awfully drab construction boards, a few remaining pinnacles of the ‘old’ Downtown Disney will remain amongst the rubble rather like those defiant churches that always seem to survive an earthquake as an entire city collapses all around them.
Only this time, those green Disney construction boards temporarily represent the rubble of disaster.

A trip through Pleasure Island isn’t going to be ‘the stuff of dreams’ that Walt so often cherished.  In fact, the closed in walk ways past the boarded up Comedy Warehouse will make that once lovely terrace at Paradiso 37 restaurant a bit of an ‘odd’ place to ask to sit!  Kind of pressed up against the bottlenecked passers by!

Raglan Road will also suffer a similar vista, fortunately it has its own courtyard, so won’t feel so claustrophobic!
When it is all done (some reports suggest next summer for this phase), it will of course be a welcome addition to the rather unfortunate Pleasure Island area that has been plagued by one failed initiative after another since Disney favoured family fun in favor of potentially troublesome night clubs.

The completion of the Pleasure Island Phase of Disney Springs will be the most significant of the facelift program.
Critics and guests will be looking for a clear signal from Disney as to their ongoing intentions for the remaining phases.  Those artists impressions, of running spring water and lush landscaping offered a hint that this new development would be characterful and upbeat.  Everyone will be inspecting every square inch to see if Disney will deliver!
Perhaps most importantly though, Pleasure Island will at last lose its tarnished name along with the many failures of the past.

The Disney execs get rewarded well, and if the project goes well, they will get paid well for many more projects to come!

3 thoughts on “Disney Springs will be a dark cloud of DTD

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